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Road transport

The most convenient option for ground transportation of goods

International transportation of goods by road

International road transport is an obligatory stage in the commercial activity of companies that actively trade with the countries of Europe, Asia, the CIS, and also receive goods through a multimodal delivery method.

Trucking provides fast and safe import of goods to any point of our country.
Thanks to the developed system of roads, the transportation of goods by this type of transport justifies itself both from the economic side and in terms of speed of delivery. The speed with which delivery is carried out also plays an important role – on average, a car travels 650 km per day, and it does not depend much on external factors, such as weather, in contrast to air and sea transport.


In the case of delivery over short distances, road transport is the most profitable way, since air transportation is quite expensive, and rail transport requires a certain infrastructure.

  • High availability
  • High speed of cargo delivery
  • Possibility of door-to-door delivery
  • High safety of cargo and the possibility of sending cargo in small batches
  • Wide choice of carrier
  • It is possible to send the goods on the day of application
  • Dependence on weather and road conditions
  • High cost of transportation over long distances