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International transportation

Delivery of goods around the world

Reliable partners are required to control transportation – we build our logistics so that at each stage of transportation we can provide you with high-quality service, whether it is consolidation of groupage cargo in Europe or paperwork in China.

We are constantly developing our database of carriers and routes based on an analysis of their reliability, speed, and quality of document preparation.

Road transport

  Road transportation of goods is the best way of delivery if it is necessary to transport it over short and medium distances.

Air transportation

The fastest delivery method, especially for bulky or dangerous goods, allows you to transport goods over long distances in a short time.

Sea transportation

Maritime transport is the main means of transporting goods. More than 80% of cargo turnover in international traffic is carried out by sea.

Rail transportation

This type of transportation is very economical and provides great opportunities for the transportation of fairly large objects.

The container transporting

A modern type of cargo delivery, in which special containers are used for transportation. The most popular container sizes are 20 and 40 feet.

Multimodal transportation

Transportation of the same cargo by different modes of transport under an agreement with one carrier. The main condition is at least two delivery methods in one route.

Consolidated cargo

The most convenient and economical way to deliver a small consignment of goods, products or equipment for which it is impractical to use a separate vehicle.

Oversized cargo

Heavy and bulky cargo, which is prohibited to be transported on public roads. For transportation, a special project of a special route of movement is being developed.

Warehouse Logistics

One of the important stages of transportation is warehouse logistics. It may include: safekeeping, consolidation, deconsolidation of cargo, weighing, marking, checking the completeness and much more.

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