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Comprehensive outsourcing for foreign economic activity

To conduct business outside of Russia, it is necessary to obtain the status of a participant in foreign economic activity (FEA), which involves an independent search for counterparties, documentation, and organization of international transportation. Not all entrepreneurs have enough resources for this. It is more profitable for them to focus their attention on the domestic market, and transfer foreign economic activity to outsourcing.

Foreign trade agent for import and export transactions

The foreign trade agent takes responsibility for the cargo, fully plans the delivery process from the supplier’s country to the recipient’s address.

Importer Services

We offer a full package of outsourcing services: customs clearance and independent processing of individual orders in a short time.

Exporter Services

Equipment from China does not differ in quality from European counterparts at all, but it has the advantage of no markup for the brand.

If you want to interact with foreign companies, but are not ready to delve into all the details on your own, entrust this work to specialists.

What is the convenience of outsourcing FEA

You save your time and do not bear any risks associated with foreign economic activity.

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity for import or export is expedient in cases where the volumes and frequency of deliveries are small, and it is unprofitable to create a separate logistics service. The involvement of third-party competent specialists makes it possible to reduce financial costs caused by errors in the preparation of documents and calculation of payments.

You can choose one of two options for outsourcing foreign economic activity: for services or agency. In the first case, you conclude foreign trade contracts on your own behalf, and we act as assistants. In the second – all operations related to the purchase, delivery and customs clearance are performed on behalf of our company.

Foreign economic activity outsourcing service relieves you of the need to:

  • Include customs clearance specialists, logistics managers in the staff
  • Register at customs and issue an EDS
  • Interact with tax and customs authorities

What is included in the turnkey FEA outsourcing service?

  • Search for suppliers and buyers
  • Negotiating
  • Contract preparation and conclusion
  • Control over the production of goods at the supplier
  • Carrying out foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange control
  • Organization of international transportation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Registration of permits
  • Customs clearance
  • Accounting and reporting

We provide comprehensive support to companies entering the foreign market, our employees are looking for trusted sellers of tools, elevators and escalators, machine tools, building materials and other equipment. We draw up and carefully check foreign trade agreements, taking into account all the nuances of the changing legislation of both countries. The company’s logisticians draw up optimal routes, prepare documents for accompanying goods, check whether the quality of the goods corresponds to them. We obtain all the necessary licenses and certificates, carry out customs clearance and guarantee delivery in perfect condition. You receive the cargo along with accounting, technical and other accompanying documents.

Our specialists use well-established effective schemes that speed up business processes and minimize your losses. By outsourcing FEA to us, you reduce delivery times thanks to our supply chains. Through our transport company, you will establish a stable trade turnover with China, as well as the CIS and European countries.

Our negotiators have successful experience of interaction with representatives of different cultures and will help you to conclude mutually beneficial contracts. We guarantee the observance of trade secrets.

Only together we will achieve results