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Comprehensive Services FEA

Cargo transportation around the world

Comprehensive foreign trade services

The lack of necessary knowledge and resources, the cumbersome and complex legislation in the field of foreign economic activity are the key reasons why entrepreneurs seek help from intermediaries to import goods to Russia.

The most common scheme for importing goods without direct foreign economic activity includes work under an agency agreement.

Simply put, under the agency scheme, the actual importer is another person who organizes the direct import of goods on the instructions of his customer.

  • No risks in terms of customs and currency control. In fact, the company is not a participant in foreign economic activity, and, accordingly, does not bear the risks of being held administratively liable for customs offenses, violations of currency legislation, additional charges of customs duties in post-control, and so on.
  • No need to attract full-time specialists to implement a foreign trade transaction, and, accordingly, no costs for maintaining your own resources to organize the supply of goods from a foreign counterparty (foreign trade manager, foreign trade accountant, etc.)
  • The organization of delivery under an agency agreement, as a rule, requires less time for import due to the well-established and consistent external business processes of a professional foreign trade agent.

Working under an agency contract is a rational tool, provided it is used correctly. In the supply scheme with the participation of an intermediary, an agent has its own significant risks that must be reckoned with.
To assess such risks, it is necessary to understand how the agency scheme works in foreign economic activity.

When working through an agency agreement, the intermediary undertakes, for a fee, to perform a number of legal and other actions either on its own behalf, but at the expense of the customer, or both on behalf and at the expense of the customer.

  • Search for a supplier, negotiating and agreeing with him the terms of the transaction;
  • Checking the selected counterparty;
  • Calculation of transaction economy, logistics costs, customs payments, etc.;
  • Preparation of shipping documents for import;
  • Obtaining permits for the goods, if necessary;
  • Organization of customs clearance of imported goods;
  • Delivery of goods to the final recipient