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+7 (495) 104 44 04 Режим работы: с 10:00 до 19:00

Company EVS Logistics

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Our advantages

  • In the process of arranging transportation, we select options based on your tasks and work out the most rational route and type of rolling stock.
  • We are constantly studying the market of logistics services in order to offer our customers the best logistics solutions, taking into account current changes and events in the world of international transportation.
  • In the process of organizing transportation, we are ready to provide you at any time with all the necessary information about the cargo and the state of transportation.
  • We guarantee that the transportation of your cargo will be of high quality, and the documents will be provided in full.

About company

The EVS Logistics group of companies has been successfully providing forwarding services since 2015.


Over the years, we have developed an effective principle of interaction with customers for the transportation of goods of various configurations and volumes.


We have implemented a large number of foreign trade projects and established regular deliveries to Russia for many small and medium-sized businesses.


Our team consists of specialists with successful experience in the field of international transportation, customs clearance and foreign economic activity.


We are focused on long-term cooperation and make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Company goals

The main goal of EVS Logistics is to provide traders with comprehensive logistics solutions that will contribute to the development of their business.


To achieve our goals, we:

– we develop and implement optimal logistics schemes for the movement of goods;

— we establish interaction between the sender and the recipient;

– we use quality standards for the services provided, which fully meet the expectations of consumers;

– we comply with all agreements reached with customers at each stage of transportation;

– we deliver cargoes of clients in a timely manner, because each cargo delivered on time affects the further development of the client’s company and its financial well-being.

Only together we will achieve results