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Калькулятор перевозки

Air transportation

This is the fastest delivery method connecting all continents.

International air freight

International air transportation is the fastest and most reliable, but also the most expensive way to deliver goods from abroad, mainly used to transport expensive perishable goods.
The average speed of delivery of goods by air transport is no more than a week, and if urgent delivery is necessary, it will be from one to three days. An important advantage of this delivery method is that there are no other types of transport connection with some countries, and air carriers are always ready to offer several route options.

  • The fastest delivery speed
  • Flexibility in organizing delivery
  • Large load capacity
  • Ability to reach remote and hard-to-reach areas
  • High reliability
  • Highest cost and tariffs
  • "Affiliation" to the airport system
  • Limited options for direct communication
  • Transportation of the main part of air cargo by passenger companies
  • Inability to use standard containers